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Apr. 12th, 2025 04:56 pm
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Hello. This journal is mostly for my fic writing, but I might occasionally post about other things.

I don't have much of a formal subscription/friending policy. I'm happy for anyone to subscribe to me, and I'll subscribe back if I think we share enough interests but don't be offended if I don't.

I'm faviconAella_Antiope on AO3.

At this point, I primarily write 'Kyou Kara Maou' fanfiction. Current pairings are Yuuri/Wolfram and Yuuri/Murata/Wolfram (my OT3), and I plan to write more of those pairings as well as some Murata/Wolfram and maybe Murata/Yuuri depending where the muse takes me. I also hope to write 'Vampire Knight' fiction sometime in the future and have draft scribblings in the works. So subscribe to me on A03 if you are interested. (but you have to join to have a subscription option). I'm also happy to receive any feedback here or on the archive, as well as any good tips on writing.
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I've written a short Amon & Tarrlok Legend of Korra gen story, which I'd like betaed (less than 1000 words). spoilers for the series )


Dec. 3rd, 2011 12:46 pm
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Oh God, action fight scenes are so hard to write. *whines* Why can't I just go with 'And then they fought and the Maou won'

It's lazy, but it gets the idea across...right? Right?
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Reads people's reactions. I don't mind the new A03 archive. Though I readily admit, I rarely notice things like layout or colour and my eyes don't seem to care either way, I can happily read light font on black screens for hours. I've yet to be unhappy with any website I've come across over the years (as long as it doesn't have imbedded music or snow, geocities like snow, ugh memories)*shrug* You could make it black and white with text only hyperlinks and it would all be the same to me. I guess I'm easily pleased.
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I'm feeling so awesomely accomplished tonight, I've finished a 28,000 words KKM story which is still in beta, but practically done and just finished and sent off my new Balance story for beta.

Plus I have another story in reserve for a little later. Yay! Next I'll be writing the Shori story.
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Back to work tomorrow. *sigh*
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I got half way through the latest volume before I had to put it down in disgust. Do all the villains have to explain their super-power, awesome weapons with lines like 'Let me tell you why you're losing, it's simple I have this super sword/technique that (insert boring explanation) and then the hero pulls some stunt at the end and has to explain to the villain why they lost.

Seriously, stop. People do not exchange long explanations of how awesome they are in the middle of battles, they generally try to kill each other instead. The annoying dialogue is doing my last nerve and is pointless filler.
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I wrote a short AU story where Wolfram is a cute little nymph.

For anyone that is interested: The Nymph.
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This is an option now. Awesome.
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Livejournal is down. It is so strange. I don't post much on my account over there but there are a few communities and people I follow and I'm missing them.

I even have a small amount of anxiety. Suddenly I'm glad I have an account here and that I have my fic in three different places other than my hard drive. I would be horrible to lose everything at once.

Fic idea

Mar. 7th, 2011 07:43 pm
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I wrote this ages ago, it was to be the beginning of a series and I toyed with it for a bit and then came to the realisation that it was too much of an ambitious story for me at that time.

At the time I was tired of all the 'Yuuri and Wolfram are forced into marriage and they have sex and everything is wonderful, the end.' and I wanted to explore a situation where they are forced into marriage, Yuuri is barely 16 and at that stage he's just not ready and somewhat young for his age and Wolfram is like 'I finally get what I want' but really, he's not what he wants and he's so many decades older than Yuuri and that's an issue. That thought swam around in my head...I wrote this but even then I realised it wasn't going to the happy place that other fans would like (or even I'd like). And that's what led to "Marriage of Convenience" the story that is still driving me insane as a WIP.

Anyway, this is this beginning, I don't know if I'll ever continue it, but the beginning is a story in itself, I also posted it on A03:

Innocence 200 words )
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As I said in this this post, confirmation of Murata Ken's bisexuality in book 6 makes me very happy.

He's just so matter of fact about it. I love his character to bits.
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Look a post! This year I promised myself I'd write more in the DW account, but I'm afraid it's all going to be writing related, and since KKM is a niche fandom (and a fandom in decline) I know I'm going to be writing more for me than for anyone else *crickets chirp*

I've been tossing about the idea of opening a polyamory collection on A03. Will have to think on it because it's much more high profile than I'm used to in fandom but since most of my stories feature poly relationships...and I do hope to write an Anissina/Gwendal/Gunter story as well.

Right now I'm re-editing my Yuuri/Wolfram WIP with the help of gkeeper91 from ff.net, and it's been fantastic. I wrote that story with very little technical knowledge. I'm glad I threw myself into writing without worrying about these things, if I'd known how much I had to learn I'd be paralysed into doing nothing and then I'd miss out on all the fun, but now I know more I've realised how badly my old writing needs a going over. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm refusing to get too stressed about it because it's fun.
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I had an LJ. But I decided to slowly move over to Dreamwidth. I have a FF.net account, which holds my Kyou Kara Maou stories (slash/yaoi). I'll post those stories here eventually.

Feel free to friend me. This is primarily a fic journal.
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